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Episode 066: Writing A Book

Episode 065: And A Panda Shall Lead Them (with Frank Powers)

Episode 064: EXCLUSIVE: CAN’T WAIT (with Matt Milner, Rusty Boulet-Stephenson)

Episode 063: By Sheer Force Of Will (with Gamma Like Very Ultra)

Episode 062: Growing Up Quickly (with Dan Gibson)

Episode 061: A Quick One While I’m Away (with Blood Stone)

Episode 060: Capital-P Pop Music (with Steff Koeppen)

Episode 059: New Life In The Static (with Alex Italics, Daycones)

Episode 058: The Big Bad Wolf (with Marina and Leann Cornelius of Acorn Bcorn)

tumblr_inline_nmefbcdQVV1szsob5_1280Episode 057: Keys In The Sewer (with Dimitri Manos of Golden Boots)

Episode 056: All Ages (with Logan Greene)

Episode 055: Pop Art (with Molly Bates Johnson, Karima Walker)

Episode 054: Making Strangers Laugh (with Bethany Evans, Otherly Love)

Episode 053: Cats Are Fuzzy Podcasts (with Callie Rasmussen, Emma The Cat, Forest Fallows)

Episode 052: Crash Zones (with Georgia Taylor, Sarah Sahim, Mute Swan)

Episode 051: Spray Diagrams (with Damian Abraham, Human Behavior)

Episode 050: Optimism Hidden Under The Nuclear Wasteland (with Melissa and Seth Mauzy)

Episode 049: Cosmic American French Dream Pop (with Louise Le Hir)

Episode 048: When It Clicks (with Aengus Anderson)

tumblr_inline_nig8cxeeLO1szsob5Episode 047: Tonight And Every Night (with Steven Yanez Romo, Ghostal)

Episode 046: Seeing Things Clearly (with Andrew Brown, Whispering Wires)

Episode 045: Instruction Manuals (with screenwriter Shannon Mier)

Episode 044: Sinister Teens and Cutting Machines (with Melissa Guion, Michael Dixon)

Episode 043: Singing Other People (with Mel Mason, Wight Lhite)

Episode 042: Entire Histories (with Jennifer DeLia, Julie Pacino, James Wirt)

Episode 041: The Chump Steamroller (with Tom Scharpling)

Episode 040: Radio On! (with Cathy Rivers, Run Boy Run)

tumblr_inline_nfkfyxgNdf1szsob5Episode 039: Welcoming Airwaves (with Matt Milner, Jess Matsen)

Episode 038: Fine Art Five Cents (with Alex Greengaard)

Episode 037: Night Of The Living (with Ben Schneider)

Episode 036: Going All In (with Robert Hanshaw of Sun Bones)

Episode 035: And The Song Said Let’s Be Happy (with Jesse Jarnow)

Episode 034: Rhyming Like Your Life Depended On It (with Big Meridox, Jivin Scientists)

Episode 033: Making A Plan (with Andrew Cleaver, Sun Bones)

Episode 032: Denied

tumblr_inline_nf7ffiqAJX1szsob5Episode 031: Home Teams (with Gregg Gethard)

Episode 030: Never Known This Til Now (with Human Behavior)

Episode 029: The Pope Of Long Island (with Will Stegemann)

Episode 028: We Do What We Do (featuring many Tucson bands)

Episode 027: The Cause Of – And Solution To – All Of Life’s Problems

Episode 026: Fifty Shades Of Greg (with Greg Perryman)

Episode 025: Floating In Space (with Jamie Molaro)

Episode 024: Forgetting To Forget (with Jordan Prather, Belinda Esquer of Head Over Heart)

Episode 023: The Breeze In Our Heads (with Michael Fay of
Prom Body)

tumblr_inline_nc06fzZk4m1szsob5.pngEpisode 022: The Unmagnificent Lives Of Virgin Wolves (with Andy Mascola)

Episode 021: A Magnificent Nic Cage Stained Glass Portrait (with Patrick Roddy)

Episode 020: The Overwhelming Joy Of It All (with Sarah Gagne, Megan Helstone, Good Faces)

Episode 019: It Sounds Better With A British Accent (with Sarah Sahim)

Episode 018: Throw The Switch It’s Rock N Roll Time

Episode 017: I Need To Tell You About This Band I Heard (with Joshua Levine, Burning Palms)

Episode 016: Five Kilometers (with Josh Smith, Eiffel Tower)

Episode 015: The Things We Do For Love (with Andrea Silenzi)

tumblr_inline_n5isfqrkVQ1szsob5Episode 014: The Years We Spent Unpressured (with Chris, Emma, Callie)

Episode 013: Fishes Sleeping In Your Bed (with Brittany Katter of Katterwaul)

Episode 012: A Pretty Picture Of A Neutron Bomb (with Lane Moore)

Episode 011: Pets On Twitter Day (with Patrick Roddy)

Episode 010: Act Now, Before The Fear Sets In! (with Fred From Honolulu)

Episode 009: Nothing Is Over (with Joel and Krysta of Topaz, Katterwaul)

Episode 008: Half-Imaginary Psychic Material (with Low Level Rage)

Episode 007: Conspiratorial Baby Screams (with Bradford Trojan)

Episode 006: The Way You Say Our Name Still Resonates (with Daniel Thrall of Redlands)

Episode 005: The Sound Means Everything (with Matt Rendon of The Resonars)

tumblr_inline_n2nimt3g5g1szsob5Episode 004: You Don’t Punch People In The Head Over A Burrito

Episode 003: All The Best Stuff Is On The SideStreets

Episode 002: You Will Always Be A Loser (And That’s OK!)

Episode 001: It’s Nice To Meet You